How to make a New Shopify Mega Drop down menu | 2018


Multi-level Shopify drop-down menu Shopify DropDown Menu is very important for any store because it is easy to navigate and user-friendly. With Dropdown menu the store look more professional and  trustworthy Almost all the small or big stores are using It Thanks Follow these Few Simple steps to make  a Shopify drop-down menu in just 5 minutes Login to your Shopify store admin …

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Shopify’s Hardware Chip And Shopify Swipe Reader

Shopify’s Chip And  Shopify Swipe Reader Shopify has designed its own hardware for the first time, building out a design group and coming up with a special approach to the simple card reader, that basic necessity in the real-world merchant’s toolkit.  The swipe card reader and the chip made its official debut in San Francisco at Shopify’s Unite developer conference, …

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Shopify Adds eBay as one more sales channel for Merchants

Shopify Inc., the rising Canadian e-commerce platform dominated by small business owners, is now teaming up with EBay Inc. to permit its retailers to market directly through their online market. In addition to eBay, Shopify has now teamed up with Amazon, BuzzFeed, Facebook, and more to allow store owners more ways to get their products in front of millions of …

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Shopify Team Up With e-commerce giant Amazon

Shopify  and  Amazon Integration: In case you haven’t heard, Shopify, the e-commerce giant software firm from Canada, got a massive vote of confidence from the e-commerce giant Amazon. Now you can sell your merchandise using Shopify on Amazon. Not only that, but Amazon is advising its users to move their stores to Shopify. If you are a beginner and don’t …

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Top 3 best niche products to sell online in 2017

Niche Products online store

 Top 3 Best Niches Products to Sell Online in 2017 In The eCommerce business niche is the most important factor in the success of the store. If you want to start a local or drop shipping store consider these niches. Nowadays people which are earning the most are working on the micro niches means a Niche within a niche Example …

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Top 3 million-dollar businesses you can start now with your Laptop

Drop shipping aliexpress

 Top Three Business you can start from your laptop and Internet There are Hundreds of business you can start with your Laptop and earn Millions of Dollars. I am going to discuss top Three which required low investment not more than 50$ to start. Hundreds of people working on these methods as there permanent job . And They now call …

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How to remove Powered By Shopify Link From Footer in Shopify store

Remove Powered By Shopify Button Shopify is the Best E commerce software. To Remove the Powered by Shopify Link from the footer you have to do the follow these easy Steps Or see the Video below Go to your admin panel of the Shopify store Then go to the themes Click on the Edit HTML/CSS Then go to your footer.liquid file Press …

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which shopify plans is best new start up and beginners

Shopify plans for startups

Shopify Payment  plans For Beginners Shopify is the best eCommerce software in which you can make all types of stores  These are the three packages offer by the shopify in which are 1) BASIC SHOPIFY Plan  This is the best plan startups and new beginners. 2) Shopify Plan This plan is best for the people which have good amount of traffic …

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How to make a Dropshipping eCommerce store using Shopify from scratch.

Shopify Dropshipping store

Make a Dropshipping online store Hi, Guys today I am telling you how to make a whole running drop shipping store using Shopify and Ali express in just one hour.First, if you want to learn what is Shopify and its charges you can follow my these articles. If You face any problem you can hire Shopify developer. They will make a …

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How to Login into my Shopify online store

shopify account

How to Login to your Shopify Ecommerce store  Limited Time offer There are two methods to log in to your Shopify store   Please Subscribe to My channel I daily upload new videos of Shopify drop shipping   First, you have to create a Shopify account how to create it you have to read this article  Making a Shopify Store Account Then after creating …

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