Top 10 best Innovative drop shipping eCommerce niches ideas of 2018

Top 10 best Drop Shipping niches ideas

Drop shipping is a best ecommerce business nowadays. People are earning Millions of dollars without any inventory. People add other wholesalers products into their store with their desired profit margin and when they get an order they simply give the same product order to the wholesaler with the customer address. In this business, niche plays an important factor you have to select a best-targetted drop shipping niche to get the best results.

Here are few best Niches ideas

1) Teacher Niche

Teacher niche

This Niche is best for the store that themed especially for teachers. You can easily sell T-Shirts, Mugs, Key chain’s  related to teachers and their relationship with the students. Teachers day is the best event to target that niche. This Niche has low competition so you can easily rank it on google also.

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2) Fitness Niche

This niche is best to target as a start of  2018. You can relate this niche to the fitness niche and easily sell the Fitness Tops, gym gloves, socks, Yoga mats and target people that join recently Gym and want to work their body these products are the hot favorite to them.

3) Outdoor Travelling Niche

In this niche, you easily sell Outdoor travel bags, torch, hammocks, and other products related to it. You can target people who join travel pages and people which are going to picnic in this summer

4) Super Heroes Niche

In this niche, you can sell products related to Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Wolverine, Superman. Superheroes products are always hor selling. You can sell T-Shirts, Mugs, Keychains, Toys, leggings and other products.

5) Political Store

People love products related to political personalities like presidents, prime ministers etc so you can make custom T-Shirts, Mugs, Keychains and easily sell them especially near elections

6) Pets Store

pets niche

Pets niche is best because it is very easy to target and get sales. People love buying products for their pets.You can sell dogs collars, houses, and carrying bags.

7)  Jewelry Store

You can sell different types of jewelry. Jewelry niche needs continue change. Because the trends change with the passage of time. In 2016-2017 Wooden created rings are hot selling items.

8) Backpacks Store

Backpacks are always hot selling products in drop shipping world. In 2017 the Backpack with USB charge attached is one of best hot selling product. People love this product and drop shipper sell hundreds of units.

9) Watch Store

People love buying new trendy watches at good rates. In drop shipping, you can easily get best-designed watches on good rates. Wooden watches give me the best results this is a hot product under that niche.

10) 3d Hoodies and 3d leggings Niche

3D designed products are always a hot favorite. People love these products because it is colorful and eye catchy. In 2018 this product maybe becomes a Top hot favorite Product.


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