How to make a Dropshipping eCommerce store using Shopify from scratch.

Make a Dropshipping online store

Hi, Guys today I am telling you how to make a whole running drop shipping store using Shopify and Ali express in just one hour.First, if you want to learn what is Shopify and its charges you can follow my these articles. If You face any problem you can hire Shopify developer. They will make a Shopify store from scratch with winning dropshipping products also help you in marketing

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  1. What is Shopify?
  2. Shopify Pricing Plans
  3. How to make a Shopify account and select its name

Please Check these articles to make the basic understanding so here we start.

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Then follow these steps one by one

2 Selecting a Shopify Dropshipping store Niche

  1. Niche is a most important element in this drop shipping business. First, I explain what is niche. niche is like things which we want to sell example: cars products, pets products, men, and women fashion so these all are niches. Best niche is which has low competition and unique so we can sell more. Search there are billions of products that you can drop ship and sell.

  3. Then Install Oberlo app.

  1. Oberlo is the best app for Drop shipping products from Aliexpress  it has the following function.
  2. just one click product import.
  3. Fulfill order Automatically
  4. Inventory and Price Auto-Updates

                                        Every Thing you Need

Now search products through oberlo and import them into your store. According to your niche.I will recommend you use the chrome extension method of adding products and add only epacket shipping products.

 4. Making Categories and inserting Products

Then insert products from oberlo to Shopify then go to collection make new collection according to the products and start adding products. in to their relevant products also add alt text to all the products  it help you in SEO for your store

5. Select and install Shopify Theme 

Shopify has a big theme store for both paid and free themes. I will recommend you start wth free ones. Then start customization of your store theme. If you are facing difficult to do comment here or contact me I will help you to do that. Add logo, menus, banners, high-quality pictures is necessary for your Shopify store I will recommend you use HD pictures. Because store design is most important.

6. Make Shopify Trust Pages

  1. In your store trust is the most important element b/w you and your customer so I will recommend you these necessary pages should be in the footer so the customer trusts your store and start buying without any hesitation.
  2. About us
  3. Contact us
  4. Shipping and Return
  5. Privacy policy                                                                                                These pages help you a lot write all the details in it. Also, mention in shipping that the products may take 60 days to deliver. Because shipping from china may take that day. But I recommend epacket because its cheap it take only 10 to 12 days to deliver products to USA.

7. Set Shopify Payment Methods

Shopify has a lot of payment option Check here on Shopify website                                                     Paypal merchant account is the most important one it must be in your store also Shopify payment Services are also a  good option 2Checkout , Skrill , stripe choose the best one.

8. Set Shipping  Methods

Oberlo doesn’t import any Aliexpress shipping method. You have to set in the Shopify shipping methods most of the Ecommerce drop shippers use free shipping model. I also recommend it,. So remove all the shipping methods from Shopify and write on check your shipping will arrive in 10 to 12 days.  Best Aliexpress Shipping is ePacket cheap and good as compared to others.

9.Best Shopify Apps.

Shopify app store has a large number of Shopify apps. I will recommend these apps for your drop shipping store

  1. Oberlo     Best for importing products from aliexpress to store.
  2. Privy         Best Free app for popup email collector.
  3. Aftership  Best for tracking Ali express orders and necessary app
  4. Abundant cart It will track the customer abundant carts.
  5. StoreClerk  It will increase your sales
  6. Seo image optimization
  7. Live Chatting apps

10.Set Meta tags and attach your Shopify store with google analytics

Go to preference in which set the Metags for your store. Make it attractive so everyone sees your link must click on it so you can get more sales.

Make a google analytics account so you can track your store traffic from which country, the language it is coming it help you in advertising for your store. So you target the specific audience.You can attach it by pasting the script in the preference options,

11. Best Shopify drop shipping store Advertising methods.

  1. Facebook ads.
  2. google AdWords.
  3. Seo
  4. Instagram
  5. bing ads
  6. social network sharing platforms

SO  What you are Thinking Now Follow all the steps and start making money with  Drop shipping. If you need any help contact me x or comment here i will help you .  Thanks

                                    “Fail often so you can succeed sooner.” —Tom Kelley,




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