Shopify Adds eBay as one more sales channel for Merchants

Shopify Inc., the rising Canadian e-commerce platform dominated by small business owners, is now teaming up with EBay Inc. to permit its retailers to market directly through their online market.
In addition to eBay, Shopify has now teamed up with Amazon, BuzzFeed, Facebook, and more to allow store owners more ways to get their products in front of millions of new potential buyers.


Shopify’s strategy has been to integrate into as many online channels as possible to allow shop owners greater reach outside their websites. Shopify said that already more than 60 percent of its merchants sell in two or more channels. This move just makes it easier to have one more channel easily available.
This is one of the biggest strengths of Shopify as a company. Rather than concentrate on its boutique storefronts exclusively, it focuses on turning its competitors into partners where e-commerce is growing.


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The Shopify integration with eBay will include syncing of inventory info, including the description and product name, cost, and special item details. The orders made on eBay are also imported to Shopify for fulfillment, as will messages from eBay buyers sent which means that you can truly manage all of your commerce from one central place alongside your other stations.
“eBay is focused on delivering the best choice and selection of inventory to buyers across the globe. This new integration with Shopify will bring even more great products to eBay buyers while offering Shopify merchants the ability to seamlessly drive their business and brand at scale by tapping into our vibrant marketplace.”
– Bob Kupbens, VP of Global Trust & Seller Experience, eBay
The integration announced by both companies is significantly more advanced than existing integrations with other services. Typically, SaaS e-Commerce vendors provide an integration that is limited to listing services.
However, the integration of eBay includes inventory, items specifics, and order processing. Even eBay messages will integrate into the Shopify platform.
This type of tight integration is comparable to third-party extensions on eCommerce shopping carts such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.


The new channel didn’t go live instantly. Shopify said it expected the eBay integration to go live this autumn. It started by rolling out to U.S. merchants selling within the nation at first. It’s something represent a potential new audience of up to 169 million active shoppers, according to eBay’s numbers.
Instead of building a centralized market like Amazon and eBay, it provides tools for merchants, both large and small, to sell online in a variety of ways. It also offers a point of sale hardware and software for physical stores, similar to Square Inc. One of the company’s key rivals, Bigcommerce Inc., already lets its customers integrate with eBay.
Customers have been asking to integrate with eBay for a while, said Satish Kanwar, the vice president of merchandise of Shopify. “We think plenty of retailers will gravitate toward this.”


For many eBay merchants, Shopify has the potential to take away the need for any multichannel management software that has been required up until now. If you have your own Shopify store, you sell on Amazon, and now you add eBay as a channel; all of these can be managed through Shopify. Going forward your need for multichannel software will only be limited based if you go to channels Shopify doesn’t integrate with.
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