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shopify domain name

Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platform.It is used by more than 200000 merchants and its growing day by day. Domain name is one of the the most important part of the ecommerce business you have to take care before selecting any domain name it must resemble with your niche of the  Store, Most people used name of their business  as their domain name which is good because your domain name is your business name but it is not necessary you can use a different one but it must have some resemblance with   your business please don’t use any irrelevant domain name.Because it effect your store SEO and other effects also take place.

Shopify Domain

shopify platform  come with its default shopify  domain  extension(myshopify). Example ( Which is free of cost and it remain with your account ,It is used by most of beginners which have small budget to get started when they start earning they buy a new premier domain. Myshopify is good for the beginners but not good for the well earning store.

Buy Domain from Shopify

Yes you can buy a premier  domain from shotpify which is good that you don’t need any setting for that.All the work is done by shopify . Buying from shopify cost you 13$ for (.com, .net , .org and others) For the whole year. Then you redirect all your traffic  from the (.myshopify) default domain to the new domain. Most of the Merchants prefer buying domain from shopify but i always prefer to buy the domain from godaddy.

Buy shopify online store domain from godaddy

shopify domain

Godaddy is a cheap  and more reliable platform  as compared to shopify for domain buying. You can able to buying a domain in only 1$ using godaddy for the whole year and then easily connect your shopify store with the godaddy  domain also make it a primary domain to redirect all the traffic to the new domain, To connect domain you must read this link shopify with godaddy domain  you must read this to connect them both.

shopify domain

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