Shopify Team Up With e-commerce giant Amazon

Shopify  and  Amazon Integration:

In case you haven’t heard, Shopify, the e-commerce giant software firm from Canada, got a massive vote of confidence from the e-commerce giant Amazon. Now you can sell your merchandise using Shopify on Amazon. Not only that, but Amazon is advising its users to move their stores to Shopify.

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Shopify And Amazon

It was not made public until early this year, but the strategies for the integration of the 2 platforms were negotiated all the way back in September 2015. The main goal of this long-awaited integration is to connect Shopify’s large merchant base with “millions of prospective Amazon clients.” This will rapidly increase sales by broadening the merchant’s reach to extensive new audiences.

What does this mean for merchants?

There are 2 sides of this.

First, if you’re already on Shopify, it is now easier than ever to create a multi-channel approach to getting your products sold. You are now able to add Amazon as a Sales Channel in your shop, create Amazon listings from existing products, and meet requests directly from inside your admin panel.

You will be able to regulate your revenue from Amazon sales with the help of Shopify reports. Shopify will even sync your inventory with all of your sales channels. This will give you snapshots of your best units, the stock that is kept, and shipping costs across multiple channels. All of this will give you a full picture of how your business is performing.

More great news is that Shopify said they would include the support of “Fulfillment from Amazon.” This is something that tens of thousands of store owners have been waiting a long time for. If you choose to use Amazon to fulfill your orders there is a Shopify app, FBA Shipping, that will help by solving 2 major issues.

The first one being: what exactly are the shipping rates for every single one of your products? If you have 200 products where could you possibly keep all that information?

The second issue is that this app keeps up with the current costs for shipping and fulfillment. This means discounts that you are able to pass straight to your customers.

Along with this comes the addition of being able to use Pay with Amazon. Already, most of the nearly 200,000 Shopify retailers use Amazon as a sales channel so this is just one more way this will connect all your channels and make things easier.

Restriction for Merchants

As of now, there is still one frustrating restriction. You are currently only allowed to sell on Amazon with Shopify if your products fit the Clothing and Accessories Amazon category. The workaround, for now, is to create Amazon listings for different products right on the marketplace and then connect them to your Shopify account.

Second, if you’re on the other side of things, whether you have 10 or 10,000 products on Amazon, this will now give you an incredible opportunity to leverage what you’ve already built and created a brand outside of Amazon.


The biggest benefit of doing this will be to protect yourself from Amazon and to create an extra revenue stream without putting in much effort.

You can import your inventory from Amazon through a number of apps that are available to make it easy as possible. Then from there, you can think of Shopify as an excel spreadsheet, you can update your tags, categories, and collections with Shopify’s bulk editor. This will be a major time saver while getting set up.

From there you will choose to either continue fulfilling orders yourself, or you can choose to use Amazon to fulfill your orders.

Now, whether you’re starting on Shopify or starting on Amazon, you know how this integration will affect you going forward. Thanks

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