Shopify vs magento

Shopify vs magento

Now a days, everyone is looking for a better e-commerce platform for creating and maintaining their online store because it is the only first step which depends on the success of their store. These things also be kept in mind when the budget is low or while establishing a small business. While establishing an online store the person is always worried to choose the right platform i-e The Shopify or the Magento. We will provide you with some of the core differences between this two ecommerce platform Shopify Vs Magento  based on our knowledge and experience.


First of all, I will tell you something about the “Shopify it is a commercial software that with a few mouse clicks it allows you to manage your store, arrange all your products, customize your storefront and accept credit card payments. While on the other hand “Magento” is an open-source software it requires some programming skills and web development skills besides this it allows you to setup your hosting, install and customization before actually starting your online store. Keeping these things in mind now we move towards the core difference between these two eCommerce platforms.

Shopify vs Magento core Differences

shopify and magento theme store

For setting and customization of a store, we studied about the themes and templates of the Shopify and Magento, we came to know that both these ecommerce platform provides a large variety of themes and templates but the number of free themes in Shopify is much lesser than that of Magento. Moreover, the price of paid themes and templates in Shopify is starting from $60 while in Magento it is $1.So, in terms of themes and templates, Magento is a better approach for creating an online store.


After choosing the right theme for an online store, the next step is of customization and store functionalities. As Shopify allows us to customize and sets everything with just a few mouse clicks and us actually not needs a person having some programming and development skills. Here how shopify saves our time as well as budget.HTML and CSS code in Shopify is changed by just changing the font size and color and dragging some items to your specific location but in Magento all this can be done by changing the code and you must have some knowledge about the code in order to make some changes.

Shopify and magento  inventory packages

When we talk about the inventory packages in Shopify and Magento we came to know that in this aspect Shopify is also better platform than Magento. In Shopify, the starter plan is of $14 per month in which you can add a maximum of 25 products to your store and in all other packages you can upload unlimited products. In Magento you can upload unlimited products in your starter package but one of the main issue with Magento is of speed. Uploading too many products to your store might reduce the server performance and also the speed of the store slows down which is a major drawback of Magento.

Payments Gate Way

Shopify is also a better ecommerce platform in terms of payment gateway because it supports 65+ payment gateways which provide an ease of transferring and withdraw of money to its users. While in Magento there are a few payment gateways and more should be added by a third party add-ons.

In terms of Blogging, a free plug-in is used in Magento for blogging purpose and we use a different plug-in to give different effects to our blog while in Shopify a build-in feature is used for blogging which is easy to use and customizes. This built-in feature of Blogging in Shopify provides more functionalities than the plug-in used in Magento.

Cost difference 

In cost perspective, Shopify Cost is somehow better than Magento because there is not any setup fee in shopify and also shopify offers a free trial of 14 days while Magento doesn’t provide any trial plan. Hosting fee in Shopify is ranging from $10-$250 with unlimited Bandwidth and Shopify doesn’t charge some extra fee if the transaction is done through its payment gateway. Magento doesn’t provide any trial plan but it charges hosting fee from a new user also and its packages ranging from $5 to $250 with limited Bandwidth, in the case of extra Bandwidth they charge extra fee. Magento also charges extra money like Shopify if transaction procedure is used other than they offered. So, unlimited Bandwidth and 14 days of trial plan add more credits to Shopify than Magento.

shopify SEO

When we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Shopify is again a better option than Magento because in Shopify server can handle more traffic to the store without losing the speed and server. While in Magento a limited amount of traffic is allowed to visit the store, if more users visit the store then speed as well as server connection may lose due to which gaining more traffic becomes more difficult.

Keep all the above information in mind, we came to a conclusion that both the ecommerce platform are best but using Shopify platform as a newbie and little knowledge about technology  for creating ecommerce websites is a better option. Thanks




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