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Finding a Winning Product

Are you tired of using losing products also spending all your money on it? Then this article is best for you. Finding Shopify Winning products is an art. If you have a right product with right targeting you are in a good business and If you have a wrong or losing product then you will ready to lose a lot of your precious money, Then a question arises how to find a winning product and how we know it is winning or not. SO stay with me I will tell you a lot of secrets that no one tells you 🙂  The products which do best for me in 2017 also in 2018 is this          anti theft backpack you can learn more about this product from the link so I will reveal more things in this article

Finding Best selling Shopify Winning products from Facebook

Facebook is the best platform for finding best products that are already doing a good business and you can get the best products from there. Just Type and product name in the search box and then select post. Find your product maybe some is already selling it and then check the engagement of the product. Check all the things likes, comments and shares also check page authority check its likes and time frame the store is created so you can get the best idea.  Check this example I search woman leggings and Facebook comes with this results facebook winning products


These are few results on the screen but Facebook comes with hundreds of stores selling leggings. Most of them are drop shipping stores. These products are easily available on aliexpress so can add them to your store and sell them with a great profit margin.people always prefer spending on already winning products not what they think will be a winning product.

Finding Winning Products from eBay.

This is another trick to find winning products is on eBay. A lot of drop shippers is also using eBay platform to sell their products but it had a lot of competition also increasing day by day. So first went to and search for products that people are showing more interest on eBay this give you the best idea of the product that people are interested in this product or not.  Check I had search a women legging best winning hot shopify

Check the number of watches and pricing to get the best idea of the product this method is best for get more information about the product

Finding Hot Products From Google Trends

Google trends are the best tool to get the overall history and current status of fashion and all types of products. When some products in the trend then its search and query related to them increases.  Type any product name like dog collar and check all the demographics of the product. You can check its searches, region of interest, related queries, and related keywords + much more

hot products on google trends

This is the best analysis of the product. It helps us in targetting of products by giving complete details of each product.

Finding Best Shopify Drop shipping products on Aliexpress

Aliexpress the best drop shipper in the world now. Almost all the drop shippers are using aliexpress and selling their products with a great profit margin. Aliexpress has a billion of products in almost every niche. Suppose you have a leggings niche. You will write legging in the aliexpress search box and it will give you the best results related to leggings product. The drop shipper around the world uses aliexpress But you have to find a written seller also with good product. Because aliexpress has millions of sellers and you have to check its product reviews. seller authority and its overall reviews. If you are going to start drop shipping business only focus on the seller which give epacket shipping. Like I had searched a pet sleeping  house  Check these results come

best drop shipping product

Thousands of products come. The thing people most like about aliexpress is the number of thousands of different options in each category and subcategories. It is the best platform for starters.

Find Print on demand best selling products

Print on demand is also the best drop shipping method. There are many best Shopify print on demand platforms like Custom cat, Print full and teespring. You can check these all vendors to get the best idea which niche is working good nowadays then hire a designer and make a product around that niche. This dropshipping method also best and give a high-profit margin. Like if you like wolves you can hire a designer or design yourself a wolves quote tee shirts on tee spring then add it to your Shopify store.


Finding the best products is an art you will only learn it when you make experiments I don’t recommend you over think just experiment each product after the research and focus only those products which are giving good results.The metod most drop shippers


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