Top 3 million-dollar businesses you can start now with your Laptop

 Top Three Business you can start from your laptop and Internet

There are Hundreds of business you can start with your Laptop and earn Millions of Dollars. I am going to discuss top Three which required low investment not more than 50$ to start. Hundreds of people working on these methods as there permanent job . And They now call them self Digital Marketers.  To  become a Millionaire you have develop some personal skills.


First try to  develop this personal skills to be successful on internet 

  1. Focus on one thing
  2. Hard work
  3. No shortcut
  4. No scamming
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Keep Learning
  7. Stop when you are done not when you tired.

1) Start Aliexpress drop shipping using Shopify.

The Business model i am discussing Today is an e Commerce Drop shipping Model in which you don’t need any products you just need a website where you insert Ali express products because they are cheap and you can easily sell them on higher margins. I have explain Whole procedure  in this article read it and get started. How to start an E commerce store using Shopify from scratch

2) Selling affiliate Products online and Gets your commission.

Affiliate commision

This model is working as you sell any company product and they give you your affiliated commission there are many popular sites working on this model few sites are

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Click Bank
  4. Max bounty

You can choose any of these depend upon your interest. Just make a product review site explain the product in deep . Follow this strategy for the product review page because this is the best procedure to gain the customer trust.

1. Intro Paragraph
2. Important Subheading #1
3. Important Subheading #2
4. Important Subheading #3
5. Important Subheading #4
6. Important Subheading #5 (as many as necessary)
7. Dimensions
8. Accessories
9. Pros
10. Cons
11. Consumer Ratings
12. Price
13. Summary

In Sub headings explain the different function of the products. Like if you selling Laptop explain its Battery timing , RAM , Hardware , Body , Screen. Then Advertise your Site on  facebook , adwords . youtube ( By making Videos ) and other’s

3) Blogging


Blogging is easiest way to make money on the internet just start writing your blogs on the topic you familiar, Just write not check any traffic and competition because love to read from different prospective. You can also start with viral blogging to get more traffic.


Steps for start Blogging is 

  1. Start with Blogger or WordPress
  2. If you select WordPress which is the better option.
  3. Buy Domain and Hosting
  4. Search your keywords from google planner
  5. Write Minimum weekly two articles
  6. Then make Social facebook , twitter  Community and share your thoughts 

When your Blog start getting  Enough Traffic then get attach your sits google absence and start making money also you start with affiliate marketing with your website, Like your Blog is related to pets then you  can easily sell pets products  and make a lot of money


If you are really interested in working online.Start Now there are hundreds of business online i have written from my experience. Start Hard work and it will pay you . There are hundred of entrepreneur which left there permanent jobs and start working with these methods. These are the best low investment business which i discuss if you succeed in any of these you can easily earn more then you ever thing, So what you are Thinking  Start Now. Thanks



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